Your favorite small batch hand roasted coffee. Cheeky Monkey offers the finest artisan coffee delivered straight to your door step. Freshly roasted, always available online, come visit us in store 7 days a week 10am-6pm!


Cheeky Monkey is an Artisan roasting company founded on the notion that a really great cup of coffee should make you feel delighted and satisfied. We personally select premium 100% Arabica beans grown around the world. Our goal is to provide you with the exceptional cup of coffee you deserve by roasting specially sourced varieties curated for the sophisticated palate.


We appreciate simple pleasures like a great cup of coffee and good company with whom to enjoy. Our goals are to offer unique and satisfying coffees straight to your home or office.

About Us


We are a hand-crafted coffee roasting company located in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina. We offer custom, made-to-order roasts prepared exclusively in small batches to ensure excellent flavor and a wonderfully rich aroma. As fellow coffee lovers ourselves our top priorities are outstanding quality and consistency. Our coffees make you perk up when you smell them brewing and make you say “ahhhhhh” when you take your first sip.


1. Fresh roasted coffee! We personally roast our coffees within days of delivery to ensure our customers receive the freshest and best tasting product available. 2. Small batch production! Every bag of coffee we sell starts as a small, hand-crafted batch. With attention to details and taking the time to roast by hand, we are able to enhance the unique flavor profile of each coffee’s origins and produce a flavor that you just cannot find in larger production coffees. 3. Consistently good! We are committed to providing freshly roasted and packaged coffee directly to your doorstep. To ensure a consistently satisfying coffee experience we fulfill all orders within 24 hours of production.

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