local hand-roasted coffee

Freshness with every cup

our varieties

Available in light, medium, or dark roast / whole bean or ground

Brazilian Santos 

Nutty, chocolaty, and bold..yet soft and smooth

Colombian Supremo

Rich, sweet, and smooth with a complex body and a bright sunny acidity with undertones of brown sugar and milk chocolate

Costa Rican Tarrazu

Light, fruity aroma with notes of tart lemon, milk chocolate, and honey

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Light, citrusy, and floral with a smooth deep body and crisp acidity..sweet chocolaty aroma and flavor notes reminiscent of buttery pecan and cocoa powder 

Custom Order

Have you visited our store and want to purchase any of our exclusive merchandise or bagged coffee? Shoot us an email and we'll ship it to your door!

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About Us

Dedicated to Quality

 We hand roast small batch every time to capture the unique flavor in the varieties that we know you'll love. 

Stay Awhile

Cheeky Monkey provides all guests with free wifi. Get your drink on the go or stay awhile, it's up to you. We strive to make your coffee experience perfect. 

More than Drinks

Although we offer a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, we also provide savory and sweet food options. So whether you're stopping for your morning coffee, lunch, or an afternoon snack, we've got you covered!